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TechXLR8 Futurist Summit: Advice from 2023

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If your future self, in the year 2023, could send a message for you to consider now, in 2018, what would the content be?

The TechXLR8 Futurist Summit will feature a range of technologists and researchers who will share their best guesses at the advice our future selves might wish to transmit back to us, five years earlier. Which technological trends have the potential to deliver the most surprise? How might society react to these trends? What disruptive changes could take place in the attitudes of consumers, business partners, legislators, and political leaders? Which present-day buzzwords will prove to be the most exaggerated and distracting? Which emerging threats and opportunities deserve the most attention, as we set out on the journey from the present day towards 2023? And how should we prepare for these potential gales of transformation ahead?

At the Futurist Summit you’ll be able to witness a series of TED-style talks, “Advice from 2023”, interspersed with rapid Q&A that draws out the interplay and the contrasts between the different speakers. The speakers will highlight ways in which businesses and organisation in 2023 won’t simply be operating the same way as today (except faster and cheaper), but might feature radically different practices and goals.

== Agenda ==

The Futurist Summit will run from 12:45 to 16:00 on the main stage of TechXLR8.

12.45: Chair's welcome - David Wood
12.50: Rediscovering our humanity - Matt O'Neill, independent futurist
13.10: Security: through Renewal or through Protection? - David Bent, independent sustainability advisor
13.30: Values and the tech industry - Katy Cook, Founder of the Centre for Technology Awareness
13.50: Advertising in 2023 - Tom Ollerton, Innovation Director, We Are Social
14.10: Career advice from 2023 - Laura Thomson, Training Director, Phenomenal Training
14.30: New fuels and new tools - Jim O'Reilly, Strategist, Vital Growth
14.50: Seize the bitcoin moment - Dil Green, Digital Anthropology Blogger
15.10: Schrodinger's future: 2023 and beyond - Paul Imre, independent futurist
15.30: From AI to Brexit: Coping with multiple shocks and disruptions - Rohit Talwar, Founder and CEO of FastFuture Research
15.55: Concluding remarks - David Wood, Chair of London Futurists

== About the speakers ==

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== Venue ==

TechXLR8 is taking place at the London ExCeL centre. See for the location and travel recommendations.