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In a time of intense tactical political discussion, can we identify larger, longer-term goals for politicians in the UK and elsewhere to keep firmly in mind?

The UK's Transhumanist Party is in the process of publishing a "Technoprogressive Roadmap" for the UK: 15 transformational goals for the UK to seek to accomplish by 2035, with the goals being supported in each case by 2 interim stepping-stone targets to be accomplished by 2025.

These 15 goals span six overlapping spheres of human life: the flourishing of individuals, the flourishing of society, the flourishing of positive international relationships, the flourishing of the environment, the flourishing of humanity's steps into the wider cosmos, and the flourishing of productive political processes.

This online conference call is a chance for people to ask questions and express their views on what the Transhumanist Party has already published. You can share your views about matters to prioritise or deprioritise, on potential alternatives, and on what shorter-term actions should be organised.

== How to participate ==

To join the online conference, from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, visit

There is no charge to take part: attendance is free.

You can join the meeting from a laptop, PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. With a larger display, you'll be able to see more windows of content at the same time.

When you join, your microphone will be muted and your video camera will be switched off, but you can turn them both on as/when you wish.

The Zoom conference will be online for ten minutes in advance of the 9pm start time, that is from 8.50pm, for people to connect early and check that everything is working.

If you haven't used Zoom before (or recently), you may find you need to install or update Zoom software before you can join the conference.

The conference is expected to run for around 60 minutes.

== What to expect ==

There will be no long presentations - just a discussion based around questions and answers from audience members.

To get the most out of the time on the call, attendees are recommended to view ahead of time one or more of the short videos in this playlist,

These videos are generally ten minutes or less in length.

If there's only time to watch one, start with the first one in the series.

Note: some of the proposals in this roadmap are UK-specific, but there are lots of points of commonality with transhumanist and technoprogressive initiatives elsewhere in the world.

For text discussion of some of the roadmap ideas in advance of the conference call, visit - where you can add your own thoughts.

Assuming the call is a success, others like it will be organised as follow-ups, to deepen joint understanding and build momentum.

== Credits ==

The meeting image is based on work by Pete Linforth from Pixabay - see

The content of the Technoprogressive Roadmap has already benefited from lots of constructive feedback from members and friends of the UK's Transhumanist Party. Thanks!