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Towards an artificial consciousness?

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Towards an artificial consciousness?


From where does consciousness arise? In the frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex? From somewhere else inside the nervous system? What is the connection between intelligence and consciousness? And could we create consciousness in new substrates, as an "artificial consciousness"?

Professor Mark Solms has spent his entire career investigating the mysteries of consciousness. Best known for identifying the brain mechanisms of dreaming and for bringing psychoanalytic insights into modern neuroscience, he is director of neuropsychology in the Neuroscience Institute of the University of Cape Town, honorary lecturer in neurosurgery at the Royal London Hospital School of Medicine, and an honorary fellow of the American College of Psychiatrists.

His recent book, "The Hidden Spring: A Journey to the Source of Consciousness", has been widely acclaimed:

'Truly a remarkable book. It changes everything'

  • Brian Eno

'This treatment of consciousness and artificial sentience should be taken very seriously.'

  • Karl Friston, ranked as the world's most influential neuroscientist

'To say this work is encyclopaedic is to diminish its poetic, psychological and theoretical achievement. This is required reading'

  • Susie Orbach, author "In Therapy"

'Takes aim at the biggest question there is. Solms will challenge your most basic beliefs'

  • Matthew Cobb, author "The Idea of the Brain"

'At last the emperor has found some clothes! For decades, consciousness has been perceived as little more than an illusion. Solms takes a thrilling new approach, grounded in modern neurobiology but finding meaning in a fascinating reconception of the self'

  • Nick Lane, author "Life Ascending"

'Solms and his colleagues are making a brilliant, determined, scrupulous, and (one wants to say) tactful endeavour to approach, in a new way, the oldest question of them all - the mysterious relation of body and mind'

  • Oliver Sacks

Professor Solms will be joining London Futurists to share some of his remarkable research findings and to answer audience questions.


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