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For gay male couples who are looking to make new friends and socialise off / on the scene with other couples. This not-for-profit group is for easy-going people into things like art, films, travel, music, food and drink and whatever else people want to do.

All members of the group are welcome to suggest meetup ideas and events. This can easily be done using the scheduling tool on the application.

When we visit a restaurant, each couple pays their own bill. You don't have to sit together to make the system work - but of course you can if you want to.

Please note this group is NOT for single guys.

When requesting membership please introduce both partners.

Please note that Malcolm of 'Takuya and Malcolm' has taken over the group from the end of December 2018. So the group will continue into 2019 and we hope beyond.

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[Online] Sunday Evening Meetup No 17


Things are easing up and many people will be going out more, but for the time being we will continue with our regular Sunday evening virtual event to keep in touch with the friendly couples that come to our Meetups. As before, we will be using Microsoft Teams (which is now working much better). If you have not joined a LGMC virtual meetup before: 1) Register here as you would for any other meetup so we get an idea of numbers. 2) If you don't already have Microsoft Teams installed, download the instructions on how to register (PDF) https://bit.ly/LGMC-Teams01 (No registration required - just read or download) 3) Message or email us with the email address you use for teams, and remind us of both your names so that your video stream will be labelled correctly. 4) Malcolm will then register you for the LGMC Team and Microsoft will automatically send you confirmation to your Teams email. Teams enables us to control entry to the Meetup as well a providing a neutral space for members to communicate outside of scheduled team meetings. We have a 'General' channel and six other 'tables' for smaller chats and, once you get the hang of it, you move freely between them. This means that once you have registered and responded to your invitation, you can arrange to meetup with other members at any time. You don't have to wait for an event. On Sunday, you pour yourselves a drink, have a snack at hand, and log into teams (on the web or from an app) and select the link from the drop-down menu next to your avatar. Once in, you simply click on the video icon next to the channel and you’re live in the Meetup. As we are not able to meet in person for the foreseeable future, Meetup have granted us a 50% reduction in their fees for the second half of the year. As we are not able charge for registering for real life events, small contributions to offset this cost would be welcome. Message the hosts for further information. Thanks to those who have already contributed. You will see that we have put an upper limit of 20 on the event. This is for the number of logins, and we are assuming that you will be sitting together and using one login. If you don’t want to share a screen and camera for whatever reason – you might be in separate locations – add one guest to your registration and we'll ask you for two user IDs. (See the PDF mentioned above) If you have already logged into the LGMC team, you don’t have to send us your login again, but it would help if you registered here so we know to expect you. Hope to see you online on Sunday. Malcolm

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[Online] Sunday Evening Meetup No 16


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