Intrinsic Roundhouse: Sleep in Concert

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ll worlds are within us.

Intrinsic Roundhouse - a full moon sleep-in gathering set In the Ramadan Mosque, a historic building known as a hub-intersection of various spiritual practices including Hebrew, Muslim and Shamanism.

An embracing vibratory space exploring altered states, sensory awareness and expansion of consciousness through immersive, intuitive and meditative sound performances, surround gongs, hypnogogic visuals, sacred Cacao ceremony, lucid dreaming plants, Dream Narration and Kundalini Yoga.

Artists and Practitioners:

✣ Annabelle Stapleton-Critenden

✣ Christian Duka (DVKA)

✣ Joie de Winter

✣ Katy Dron

✣ Lani Rocillo

✣ LeyLey Do Mar

✣ Malachy Orozco

✣ Matthew Brock

✣ Maxwell Owen Reynish

✣ Nathalia

✣ Patricia Carlota

✣ Rituals of Rhythm

✣ Simone Selvatico

✣ Vincent Morris

✣ visuals DIZ_QO

✣ KOSMOS 3D Immersive audio SOVA AUDIO

✣ Rituals Of Rhythm is a Ceremonial sound collaboration between Lani Rocillo, Maxwell Owen Reynish, Nathalia Petkova, Matthew Brock, Vincent Morris and Joie de Winter.

Intuitive meditation of sound involving combinations of surround rhythmic variation, elemental sounds and intrinsic recordings from outer/other spaces. The experimental sonic communication provides an offering to the space and the participants that will allow a passage into altered and expanded states of consciousness: through evocation and the innate weaving of sounds.

✣ Christian Duka is a sound designer and music artist of the generation that emerged in the wake of digital technology. Through sound design and music production, he investigates the psychological implications of the emotional involvement in music listening. He believes that music can serve both as a channel of communication and a tool for emotional expression. On the night, he will be designing sounds and sonic landscapes tailored to induce states of hyper-lucidity. Its contribution to the sonic journey will be of sculpting the setting and guiding the audience in the liminal state between waking and dreamworld.

✣ Lani Rocillo is a healing arts practitioner and musician trained in Sound Therapy, Energy Medicine and Shamanic Practice. She works with the mediums of sound, plants, breath and performance medicine with the intention of opening space to explore the multi-dimensional memory, so that we may access our natural capacity to embody balanced health, compassionate purpose and grounded potential. Inspired by the holistic approach in the creative process, she integrates wisdom discoveries from ancient spirit medicine traditions and contemporary platforms in her practice. She holds ceremonial gatherings, facilitates personal therapeutic sessions and collaborates in art and music projects that innovate boundaries of culture towards strengthening the unified purpose of nature.

✣ Simone (aka Salvaticus Selvatico) London based, multi-instrumentalist, composer, performer and sound therapist whose music has been often associated with the minimalist, ambient, drone genre. His projects are characterised by the disclosing of contrasting elements such as movement and stillness, acoustic and processed sounds, melodies rising out of the drones and return to them, activation and contemplation, resulting in a fragile balance between two polarities continuously redefining time and space. Simone has been collaborating with filmmakers, directors and visual artists and performed in venue such as Tate Modern, Sadlers Wells Theatre, Cafe Oto, Centre of Contemporary Art Glasgow as well as holding regular gong meditations in London and abroad.

✣ Katy Dron is an experimental artist working with the interrelationship between sound, art, trance and healing. Hosting sound meditations and voice workshops alongside her performances in London and Tokyo.

✣ Patricia Carlota is a Gong Practitioner passionate about sharing the sound of the gong and related sound tools. Her Sound Healing practice specialises in the use of high quality large gongs. Her sessions explore the perception of our inner and outer environments through observation, breathing, listening, feeling and sensing, before being immersed in the vibrational field and sonic universe of the gongs and related Sound Healing tools. As a believer in a compassionate world, Patricia approaches the Gong as a spiritual tool. Her intention is to create a sacred space where participants explore the sonic landscape of vibration, connect with essence, heart space and intuition, expand consciousness, experience each moment to the fullest, and entrain to harmony. Alongside her Sound Healing practice, Patricia works with meditation, visualisation, and the energies of Reiki and the Munay-Ki.

✣ Annabelle Stapleton-Crittenden is an artist and a yoga teacher. She has practiced various styles for over ten years and found deepest resonance with Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan). She is fascinated by the transformational capacity of movement, breath, sound and the imagination. Annabelle weaves her experience as a performance artist and storyteller into her classes, holding space for people to intimately encounter and challenge themselves, to tune into the interconnectedness of our mental, physical and spiritual bodies, and to be moved by innermost creative capacity. She teaches so that we might each develop a sincere relationship to the higher self; to deeply value and acknowledge our unique bodies and histories; to cultivate compassion, respect and collectivity; and so that we might live with vibrant radiance and joy whilst courageously facing our most difficult challenges in life. To live as noble lions. Her classes are suitable for all levels of experience. If you have any concerns, particularly regarding serious or chronic injuries or conditions which you think may effect your ability to participate, please get in touch with her in advance so we can make sure you feel as safe and comfortable as possible when taking part. Everyone is welcome.

✣ Visuals by DIZ_QO


The cosmos (from Ancient Greek: κόσμος) is the universe regarded as a beautifully ordered and harmonious system. The surrounding world, being one interacting entity has always fascinated us.

Using sound synthesis and audio recording techniques our design team can paint a sonic portrait of the world around us, whether real or imaginary. We employ advanced audio technology and software to accurately reproduce natural habitats or create an entirely new world, bringing the listener to the fantasy and the surreal.

We work with our clients through the entire process of creating an event – from conception and sound design to installation and execution.

This is a non-alcohol event. There will be lucid dreaming teas available throughout the evening. Please dress comfortably, bring sleeping gear such as sleeping bags, sheep skin, extra blankets/cushions and water to drink.

Yoga mats, cushions and blankets will be provided.

Any enquiries please contact Lani Rocillo or Nathalia Petkova.

Contribution : £30

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