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Tea Ceremony & Gong Bath
Tea Ceremony is a beautiful and meditative ritual of preparing and drinking tea, taking it's roots from Dao, Zen and Buddhist traditions where tea is considered as a spiritual drink. High quality tea induces a deep meditative state, philosophical and creative mindset, a feeling of contentment, freedom and openness to the mystical. Sitting on the floor we drink tea slowly and mindfully which allows us to be fully present to the senses of smell, taste, touch, to be present to all the sounds, to all we can see, feel and sense; and through this presence to all our senses we stop the chatter of our busy minds, we stop thinking for a moment about future or past, we experience and live the actual moment, we notice beauty in tiny simple things and we can be fully present to 'here' and 'now'. The ceremony makes us more conscious, more alive and more aware of the richness of our daily experiences. With a heightened awareness and expanded consciousness after the ceremony we become more open to receive a deep gong sound experience. My sound bath with gongs, himalayan bowls and overtone singing is an intensive session. Healing sounds open the door to our deepest, to the core of our being merging with the universe. Every individual experiences it differently. Feeling of timeless nothingness, physical ecstasy, spiritual bliss, insights and healing take place. Occasionally some individuals might experience negative emotions and hidden fears that need to be faced and released as a part of a healing process. During Gong Bath our body gets tuned to its optimal state of harmony. The healing power of sound removes blockages and toxins, cleanses negative energy, strenghtens our subtle bodies like auras and chakras. It is healing on many levels - physical, mental and spiritual. This is an ancient powerful tool that takes us to the deeper dimensions of our consciousness, recharges and rejuvenates our whole being. The sound healing process is ongoing and it lasts long after the session has finished. Mats and blankets will be provided. Duration 2 hours. £20 cash on the door To reserve a spot please RSVP to this event preferably well in advance, and please do it only if you really intend to attend the session as the spaces are very limited and I do prepare the space according to the number of people. I NEED YOUR CONFIRMATION BY TEXTING ME ON[masked] OR SENDING ME A PM. ONLY THOSE WHO CONFIRM THEIR ATTENDANCE THIS WAY, WILL HAVE THEIR SPACE SECURED. If you feel you might be a bit late or something happened just before the session and you can't make it, please text me on[masked]. Also if you would like to join the event in the last minute, please use the same number to ask me about the availability of places. Many thanks, Kat Website: ( Facebook:

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Healing shamanic sound journeys with gongs, singing bowls, other instruments and voice; peaceful gatherings for mindful tea tasting - beautiful ritual based on Gong Fu Cha and Zen tea ceremonies; healing retreats, workshops... - all that brings balance, harmony, good energy and magic into our daily lives.

Most of our meetups are held in small groups, in a small, special space, cozy and quiet, almost secret location in central London. Number of people is very limited, and the gong experience is very intense. All mats and blankets are provided, and at the end of most sessions we share some fresh spring water.

I use my beloved 38" Paiste Earth Gong and a bit smaller Wind Gong, a dozen of exceptional quality Himalayan Singing Bowls, Shruti Box along my throat singing, and occasionally some other instruments. The tea that I use for a Tea Ceremony is exceptional quality loose leaf tea from sustainable sources, mostly from the old tea trees growing naturally in the wild.

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