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The London Gratitude Group is a space for us to share our appreciation of all the good in our lives. When we express our gratitude for the good things we feel better and we notice more and more of the good stuff. We are a group for the spiritually open minded who are interested in exploring the immense power of practising gratitude to create our lives the way we want them to be. You can make daily gratitude posts on our message board and attend our gratitude sharing events and workshops.

The group is facilitated by Mike Warwick, a Certified Life Coach & EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner. Mike is an experienced workshop facilitator and teacher. A student of spiritual traditions from across the globe, Mike is known for his gentle and humorous approach to personal and spiritual growth and facilitates the London Gratitude Group and the London Spiritual Growth Centre™. As a founding director of Exam Magic®, he works with young people, motivating and raising their self belief and confidence in schools across the UK.

Praise for The London Gratitude Group:

"It was wonderful to meet so many others who are aware of an Attitude of Gratitude and an appreciation of life!" -Gilly

"If you want to change your life with a few minor changes and quickly, then this is the place to be. Life only gets better!"- Tigs

"Amazing group. Best positive thinking group I've been to." - Sukh

"Excellent. Spiritual without the hocus pocus and navel-gazing." - Brett

"Always full of positive and empowering content!" - Victoria

If you are ready to experience more gratitude in your life then why not join us as we connect with abundance, in the company of like minded individuals, in a warm and supportive atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation.

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