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Because, it’s never too late to meet. ✌ Are you a developer, CTO, PO, Scrum Master or simply passionate about tech?

Our objective is to create a place of knowledge sharing and fun where we talk about tech-related topics like artificial intelligence, Big Data, Product Management, freelancing life or even HR!

Whether it’s a roadshow, after-work event, breakfast, webinar or conference – you’ll definitely find something that suits you!

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Upcoming events (2)

[Coding competition] Coding League UK

Online event

Are you a developer Superman? Or the Wonder Woman of coding?

Show off your superpowers in a new challenge and solve the algorithm exercise in Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, C#, C++ or C faster than The Flash and get enrolled in the Coding League!

The best of the best will get their superhero badge and a prize, an 100 £ Amazon Gift Card.

Greatness awaits – join the Coding League today!

🦸‍♂️ https://buff.ly/3mYKjJD 🦸

PentaBAR // Sailing Java 15 & Java 16

Online event

On Wednesday, we have a new PentaBAR Online: Sailing Java 15 & Java 16 with Software Gardener and modern Java Evangelist, Piotr Przybył. He will discuss everything that developers need to know about Java 15, and why it’s worth getting comfortable with Java 16.

If you want professional advice on why choosing the latest Java versions would be anyone’s best bet, join our PentaBAR, Wednesday, 21st April, from 13:30 EEST.

🔥 Register here and get the Zoom link: https://buff.ly/2OTtDGJ 🔥

The PentaBAR will cover:
🔵 The most recent Java version – why should you choose them?
🔵 Bringing changes to the cover (records, smart casting, text blocks)
🔵 Discussing the ‘under the hood parts’ (new GCs, elastic metaspace)
Piotr will also deliver some news about the newly released Java 16 version.
About the speaker:
Piotr Przybył is a notorious engineer - at work and after hours, tracing meanders of the art of software engineering. A software Gardener, mostly working in web-oriented Java gardens.

Lead developer, trainer and conference speaker, he has been part of Devoxx Poland and Ukraine, Coders Lab and Code Camp. In his talks, Piotr likes to cover not only hardcore Java but also software architecture, computer security, and soft-skills.

The host of the event will be Dan Avram, Customer Success Manager Pentalog. If you want to watch our previous PentaBARs, then subscribe here: https://buff.ly/2V6GaGf

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PentaBAR // From product-led growth to hypergrowth

Online event

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