• Webinar Pentalog // Serverless Web Applications with Node.js and AWS

    Less time wasted on servers’ management and operation? It is possible! You only have to switch to AWS and there will be an increase of agility and innovation. Are you a Node.js developer in need? It’s time to focus more on your applications and less on your infrastructure! All by yourself! Practice is everything but we ensure clear instructions. If you follow them, you’ll learn how to: • Create your new serverless project with Node.js and React.js; • Set up a serverless database; • Set up cloud storage; • Set up authentication; • Set up app analytics; • Add text recognition from an image to your app; • Set up Continuous Integration; • Set up Continuous Delivery. Register here: https://bit.ly/2MOJwJv Always on the right track due to his expertise in security and compliance, Catalin Dumitras has built a whole career as a designer of cloud solution architecture and technical business optimization. His many webinars, conferences and wide tech stack truly recommend him as one of the best security trendsetters in Pentalog.

  • Where to find the best developers in 2020?

    United Kingdom

    Our study, “Where to find the best developers in 2019” was a huge success – thanks to you all. ✌😋 Because of its success, we’re working on putting together a similar study - focused on UK developers. In order to fully realize this, we would be grateful if you could pass one of our SkillValue tests – in your favourite technology. • .NET : https://skillvalue.com/en/quizzes/dotnet • PHP : https://skillvalue.com/en/quizzes/php • Python : https://skillvalue.com/en/quizzes/python • JavaScript : https://skillvalue.com/en/quizzes/javascript • Java : https://skillvalue.com/en/quizzes/java • others: https://skillvalue.com/en/quizzes According your results and geographic area, we will be able to determine the best of the best for the year. We’ll see you in 2020 to share the results of our new study!