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Hi everyone, this is a very important announcement!
I am stepping away from this group so please join my other Meetup group:
Spiritual Circles and Events, Healing and Shamanism | Meetup

I am asking all members to do this is they want to stay in touch and see and participate in my future events, online or in person.
Thank you!
Healing and Mysticism - Home

This is a group on personal development and spirituality.
My name is Cristina and I am a spiritual coach and counsellor, healer, metaphysician and self-development lecturer.
In this group I will be posting workshops and events on self growth and spirituality that I hold in Central London.
Some of the topics of these events revolve around :
- Developing intuitive abilities
-Learning about the Law of Attraction
-Gaining awareness through Psychic Readings
-Learning divination methods such as Card readings, Pendulum readings, Runes, etc.
-Having questions about life's mysteries answered 
-Tarot readings
-Building a happy life
-Manifesting Soulmate love

So join and be part of our community of like-minded people who are passionate to learn more on life's mysteries and grow. 
Feel free to also join my other 2 Meetup Groups:    

*You are not alone on your journey*


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