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This is a group for anyone interested in practicing meditation on a friendly and relaxed venue (E16 Zone 3 - Custom House by the Excell). Open for new beginners and also experienced meditators, with a focus on Buddhist meditation, which includes techniques like Love&kindness, mindfulness of breathing and Zen. Sessions are free of charge (any donations are welcome).

The sessions can also include other components such as Gi Gong, Sound healing, Reiki and at times cacao drink medicine.

I have been practicing meditation since 2012, which includes studies in Buddhist philosophy. I'm also a sound healing therapist and reiki practitioner, with knowledge on Gi Gong/Chi Kong and yoga. All these practices have an influence on my meditation sessions, which are holistic and dynamic.

I look forward to meet you and practice together.

With love and kindness.


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Holistic meditation session

E16 3NY

Dear Londoners, I would like to invite you for a holistic meditation session, involving meditation, gi gong and sound healing. We will start with a easy gi gong sequence, then have 2 meditation sessions (30 mins each) with a tea break in between, and towards the end I will share sound healing a few tools. Which means the full session will last around 2 hours. I will provide a gentle guidance during the meditations, and we will practice 2 different methods normally used in the Buddhist tradition (mindfulness of Breathing & Metta - loving kindness). The event is open for regular meditators and also beginners, as I will tailor the session according with the group's overall experiences. We will practice together at my flat, which has a lovely and comfy lounge, with the floor fully in soft carpet, where I normally host meditation sessions and other spiritual practices. Due to space limitation, the event will only be available for 6 people, so kindly confirm only if you're defo able to join. Sessions are free of charge (any donations are welcome). Looking forward to seeing you and practice together. With metta, Broen

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Holistic meditation session

E16 3NY

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