(Open) Data for Development: The More We Know, the More We...?


This Meetup is going to bring together people and organizations working in (open) data for development. We will feature speakers whose organizations have launched or are soon to launch a data portal for development purposes, speakers that will discuss responsible data handling for development, and others who are using large tranches of data to inform their work.

We are delighted to confirm the following five speakers:

• Mor Rubinstein, Capacity Team Lead, Open Knowledge International (launch of their data index)

• Sonia Whitehead, Head of Research, BBC Media Action, (their new data portal)

• Ken Kitson (Software Architect), Jeffrey Allen (Global Director, Insight and Design), Mala Kumar (Solutions Designer and Insights Manager), OneWorld, (data for development work with USAID)

Simon Johnson, GIS Technical Lead, British Red Cross (& Humanitarian Data Exchange) (Humanitarian Data Exchange and HXL)

• Amy O'Donnell, ICT in Programme Lead, Oxfam (responsible data training pack)

We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!