What we're about

The group is for all technology entrepreneurs and developers - from biotech to ICT and everything in between - interested in understanding how they can best protect and exploit their inventions using intellectual property rights and to keep up to date with the rapid changes in this complex area of law. The group is run by Dr Tim Sampson a specialist IPR barrister from Lamb Chambers - who also has experience of patenting his own inventions - and will run workshops and seminars to explore specific IPR / technology topics and provide a forum for group members to share any their own experiences (good and bad). Tim has also lectured extensively on IPR matters - in particular on Cambridge University's Bioscience Enterprise MPhil degree course.

In addition to the workshops and seminars - which will take a more in depth look at specific technology / IPR issues - the group's other main focus will be to run clinics in Chambers, about once a month if possible, for those wanting to raise any IPR or related issues that are of general concern to them. These clinics will invite members to submit a few topics in advance so that members will have a general idea of what's up for discussion - although it is anticipated that these discussions will then flow in-line with the interests of the members who attend.

Whilst it is not possible in these clinics to give specific advice on a particular legal problem facing a member (due to professional restrictions placed on barristers by the Bar Council's Code of Conduct) those who do want specific advice can make arrangements to come into Chambers for a one-to-one meeting with counsel under the Bar's Direct Access Scheme - for a free initial consolation.

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The October IPR Clinic - IPR Infringement and Apps

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Introductory meeting of the London IPR Law Clinic

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