[Nov 29] Identity 101; Disrupting Identity; Networking


The London Identity and Security Meetup is an informal evening open to all. We have two talks, with an intermission for catering. The evening ends with a networking session at a local venue.

Please arrive at about 6pm for a 6.30pm start.

We value diversity and operate a strict code of conduct, for the comfort of all our members.

Talk 1: Identity 101 - Sam Bellen

When you first set out to add authentication to your app, it might be scary. It is after all an important part of every successful application.

You start doing some research and quickly get overwhelmed by all the terminology and concepts you come across. What's a token and how do you use them? What does OpenID Connect do? Do I need single sign on?

Don't worry, in this talk we'll go over the basics of identity. I'll try explain some of the most common standards and best practices, and when to use them.

Talk 2: Disrupting Identity: Consumers taking control of their identity - Ana Salazar

We're living in a digital age. Everyone wants to do things quickly, easily and securely on their phones. Yet the way we prove who we are is outdated and inefficient. There's too much reliance on paper documents, despite the growing expectation that you can do everything on your phone.

We also have limited control over our personal data - often having no control over the type and amount of information we give to companies.

So that's we created Yoti, your ID on your phone that allows you to prove who you are and confirm the identities of other people, online and in person.

We will like to share with you what we've done to empower people to take back control of their data, aiming to be the wold's trusted identity system.