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Hello Dear International* Lesbian!**

Welcome to the International Lesbians Community!!!

We are back IRL and you will love meeting these women...

They tell me the internationals don't need much of an introduction so I'm gonna jump to the serious bits first and live the fun for later 😁

The London International Lesbians Meetup is a group for women who love women, the internationals are women with attitude, open, curious and interested in meeting a wide range of women. The aim of the group is to keep you connected to the Lesbian Community and to share our life experiences and stories!

The serious part:

At the LIL we would like you to know that by becoming one of our members you will be joining a community of very caring women who will welcome and support you as much as we possibly can.

The International Lesbians is a community that works hard at preventing social isolation!- we want to help you make friends, we provide you with safe spaces where you can be yourself, socialise and find a support network to share your concerns and worries with other like minded women.

It seems like we are back to some sort of normality and we'll make sure you have safe spaces to meet other women who love women

Now the fun stuff...

You are joining the warmest and most welcoming community of women who love women in the world..! We haven’t done the survey yet but we have met our members and they are amazing ladies…

We are here to help you fulfil as many of your social needs as we can a -lot of of our members also fulfill romantic needs- ;)-

Would you like to meet and mingle with some like minded women?

Are you an international* lesbian** or interested in socialising with an international mixture of lesbians?

Are you feeling disconnected from the lesbian scene in this time of social distancing?

Are you willing to join us and attend our social events?

If you’ve answered “yes” to at least one of these questions then you should join the International Lesbians Meetup group NOW :)

We welcome all nationalities -YES, including British!- and encourage you to join us from wherever you are in the world. We will meet regularly for socials, [food], drinks, culture, [sporting events] and trips. If you’re looking for like minded women from all over the world, this is the group for you and you may even get to practise a new language or just broaden your horizons in a fun and relaxed environment, and now we can do it in real life!

Let us keep you connected to other women!!

*For the purpose of this group International means: a group of women representing the international community. Our members are from many different countries, yes including Britain!! We love the British and they are about 40% of our members :)

**The word Lesbian in this context is used in its widest possible meaning and doesn't intend to exclude Bi, Trans, Queer or any other woman who loves women. The internationals is a very inclusive group and we will always welcome any woman who identifies as a woman (and who lives as a woman) who loves women. Dear Bi, Trans, Queer, NB women who love women you are very welcome to our group and any haters will be almost literally "kicked out" by Clara herself (me) and banned from the group.

Haven't you joined yet? What are you waiting for! Join the International Lesbians now!

Warmest Wishes


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