What we're about

The internet of things is the future of the internet where ordinary objects will be given senses, intelligence and the power to influence their environment. Objects will also be connected - having conversations between themselves as much as with humans. Ordinary objects will all have the potential to become enchanted objects with magical powers.

Vast amounts of data will be generated by billions of connected objects. There is much talk about IoT and how this data will allow machines to make the world more metricated and efficient. There is little talk about how it could affect and be effected by Arts & Entertainment. I'm thinking about Smart Art and 'Smartertainment'.

I created this group as a platform for people to talk about their ideas or simply listen to others who do. I'd like to create a meetup of forward, lateral and backward thinking people to share knowledge, ideas and inspiration about IoT and Arts & Entertainment. Ultimately I would like this group to spin off collaborations to actively play around with IoT technologies to support, enhance or revolutionise Art & Entertainment.

Past events (4)

Informal social to develop ideas, connect expertise and inspire.

The Royal Festival Hall

Can Arts & Entertainment do something cool with 'IoT'?

Hackspace London

Explore the overlap between IoT and Arts & Entertainment

The Royal Festival Hall