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This is a group for all the JavaScript developers that are interested to learn more about JavaScript, share development experiences or techniques and why not, find new friends to share our passion!

I started the group in order to discuss the latest JS libraries and/or frameworks, sharing open source projects, discuss about best practices, exploring new possible techniques to apply inside our projects or talking about tools we are using in our projects pipeline.

If you are passionate about these things or if you are just curious to meet new people passionate about JavaScript feel free to join this community!

Remember to follow us on Linkedin (https://www.linkedin.com/groups?mostRecent=&gid=8282921), Twitter (https://twitter.com/london_JS) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/londonJSCommunity) too!

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Tech terms I didn’t understand && Building Enterprise Angular applications

Hi JSLover In this event kindly hosted by Cloudflare, we are going to have two amazing speakers: Nikhil Verma (@nikhilverma Mobile Web Team Lead at Badoo) Technical terms I didn’t understand, then decided to find out. "At times when you are reading a tweet or an article you come across words and phrases like 'idempotence', 'idiomatic', 'imperative vs declarative', 'soundness', 'lexical scope', and 'impedance mismatch'. I used to struggle with the meaning of these terms so I decided to finally find out what they mean and I wish to share what I've learned by showing code samples and pictures. I believe this is the best way to understand a concept." and Oscar Lagatta, (@oscarlagatta Full-stack Developer at Jato Dynamics) Building Enterprise Angular applications " We care about building modern web application following best patterns and practices that scale, then issues with versioning and code sharing between different applications becomes a challenge and a time consuming task, as there isn't a consistent way for architecting enterprise applications that scale. Using Narwhal NX/Angular Console tools; that extends the Angular CLI; helps us to work better and smarter by creating an architecture that promotes best practices for code re-use, extensibility and maintainability out of the box using modern tools As a result we have at our disposal a proven open source toolkit for building Angular/React enterprise applications using modern tools and development practices that scale."

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