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Elm, putting the fun in functional

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Hi JSLovers

Are you ready for a new webinar?
This time we are going to have a special topic, ELM ( the functional programming language!

Philip, our speaker, is going to present:

Elm, putting the fun in functional

Elm is "the best of functional programming in the browser" but that doesn’t tell half the story. Come and hear why Elm is piquing the curiosity of many in the front-end world. No run-time errors? Maintainable code? Programmer happiness? Fun? Elm is as intriguing as it is different, and yet altogether familiar. Hear some stories, see some code, go away with a good idea why you would want to try Elm and how and where you might use it.


Philip was very happy in the dynamic and untyped worlds of Ruby and JavaScript, until Elm showed him how much happier he could be. Having worked for startups large and small he quit his job in December to focus on Elm.
Originally from the UK he now lives in the Netherlands.
@pootsbook (GitHub and Twitter)