Beyond the Browser: PWAs, WebVR and Web Bluetooth


Hi JSLovers!

Let's start the year with a nice talk about Progressive Web Apps and Physical Web, Peter will share with us his experience and his passion during an hour session

AGENDA (130 seats available)

18.45 - 19.45/20.00 Beyond the Browser: PWAs, WebVR and Web Bluetooth - Peter O'Shaughnessy

20.00 - 20.30 QA + Networking

Beyond the Browser: PWAs, WebVR and Web Bluetooth

New Web APIs are enabling our web apps to break outside the usual confines of the browser. Service workers give us the power to intermediate between the client and the web beyond. WebVR extends our interfaces out into fully immersive experiences, allowing us to feel as though we’re inhabiting the web as a virtual environment. The Physical Web and Web Bluetooth are even pushing the capabilities of the web out into the physical world around us. Let's explore where the web is heading and test out our new-found powers!

Peter is a developer advocate at Samsung Internet.
He has been a developer in various industries since 2003, with a growing focus on the latest web technologies. Previously he helped the world's largest education company to experiment with new technologies and led the development of a Bluetooth Low Energy locker application now being trialled globally. These days he can generally be found messing around with new web APIs, plus thinking up