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Modern Yarn & mocking !== ‘hard’. Mocking like it’s 2019

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Hi JSLovers
This month we are going to have an exceptional event with 2 great speakers, one from Yarn's core team and another one from DAZN's engineering team.

Modern Yarn
Almost two years and a half after its release, it's time to reflect on Yarn, what it achieved, and what the future holds. We'll talk about package management best practices in the fast-evolving JavaScript ecosystem.
Bio: Maël started at Facebook two years ago and immediately started to work on Yarn. His most recent work is Yarn Plug'n'Play, which removes node_modules once and for all.

Maël Nison
Core dev @yarnpkg, JS dev at @facebook, opinions are my own, etc. “Science isn't about why, it's about why not” - Cave Johnson

mocking !== ‘hard’. Mocking like it’s 2019
Testing is considered as standard practice in our industry. We use libraries to mock dependencies to test our code in isolation (e.g. services used in our React components).
We take them for granted, assuming that they function correctly, probably by magic!
Are mocking libraries “magic”?
Join me to find out what libraries, such as Jest, are doing under the hood as we write our own mock testing library.

Mattia Assogna
Mattia is a software engineer at DAZN. He loves shell scripting; he literally lives in the terminal (that’s probably why he uses VIM). Other than getting his hands dirty with React, RxJS and Mobx, he is also passionate about cyber security and Motorbikes.