Tech terms I didn’t understand && Building Enterprise Angular applications

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Hi JSLover
In this event kindly hosted by Cloudflare, we are going to have two amazing speakers:

Nikhil Verma (@nikhilverma Mobile Web Team Lead at Badoo)

Technical terms I didn’t understand, then decided to find out.

"At times when you are reading a tweet or an article you come across words and phrases like 'idempotence', 'idiomatic', 'imperative vs declarative', 'soundness', 'lexical scope', and 'impedance mismatch'. I used to struggle with the meaning of these terms so I decided to finally find out what they mean and I wish to share what I've learned by showing code samples and pictures. I believe this is the best way to understand a concept."


Oscar Lagatta, (@oscarlagatta Full-stack Developer at Jato Dynamics)

Building Enterprise Angular applications

" We care about building modern web application following best patterns and practices that scale, then issues with versioning and code sharing between different applications becomes a challenge and a time consuming task, as there isn't a consistent way for architecting enterprise applications that scale.
Using Narwhal NX/Angular Console tools; that extends the Angular CLI; helps us to work better and smarter by creating an architecture that promotes best practices for code re-use, extensibility and maintainability out of the box using modern tools
As a result we have at our disposal a proven open source toolkit for building Angular/React enterprise applications using modern tools and development practices that scale."