Build Serverless APIs with Serverless functions + Svelte


We will be having three talks

- Here's how to build a Serverless CMS and what you need to consider

Serverless brings many benefits. You get to focus more on business logic and less on infrastructure. You pay per usage, there are no headaches with scaling and servers to maintain and update.

But, it's not all daisies and roses in the serverless land.

In this talk I will introduce Webiny Serverless CMS and dive deeper into challenges we had around getting the right architecture in place, deploying microservices, doing server-side rendering, managing large file uploads, constraining DB connections and optimizing for performance.

Speaker: Sven Al Hamad
Sven is the CEO and Cofounder of Webiny Serverless CMS. Previously worked at Akamai where he consulted some of the top e-commerce and media companies in the UK on the topic of web performance and security. Also co-founded Kisha, the world's first smart umbrella.

- Serverless + GraphQL.

We will learn how to build microservices. Then we will build a GraphQL API on top of that. Lastly, we will build a Serverless function and host that in the Cloud. (Azure)
Get a chance to learn Microservices with Docker Compose, GraphQL and Serverless

- Svelte

everyone is talking about Svelte. What is it, how do we get started

Speaking is yours truly
Chris Noring
Senior Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft
Google Developer Expert

There will be food and Beer/Wine/non-alcoholic beverages as well