What we're about

We have been in business for over 13 years and running practice evenings for the last 5 years in London! (see our website http://www.reedrobbins.co.uk (http://www.jessicarobbins.co.uk) for more information about us)

We are a group of passionate people, using NLP and coaching to help ourselves and others BE, DO and HAVE everything we want from life!

We know that the secret to being amazing includes a lot of practice, some support from great friends and a huge amount of encouragement! That's us!!

And we're here to help you achieve whatever you want using NLP!

This group is for anyone just getting into NLP as well as those who are qualified and want to improve their skills and deepen their knowledge.

Meetings are always free and are held as often as possible in Central London.

We also cover all kinds of interesting topics including health and healing using the mind-body connection, sports performance, money manifesting, hypnosis and we also take requests!

See you there!

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