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What we're about

Calling all people interested in Kapitan, or configuration management/Kubernetes/docker in general! Please help us grow the https://kapitan.dev community!

Mailing list: kapitan-discuss@google.com


Github project (https://github.com/deepmind/kapitan)

Project home (https://kapitan.dev/)

Jsonnet project home (https://jsonnet.org/)


Let Kapitan take the helm of Kubernetes (https://medium.com/@alessandro.demaria/let-kapitan-take-the-helm-of-kubernetes-e455e3d9ed08)

Introduction to Kapitan (https://medium.com/@alessandro.demaria/introduction-to-kapitan-adb6a488cd77)

Kubernetes with Jsonnet and Kapitan (https://medium.com/@alessandro.demaria/kubernetes-with-jsonnet-and-kapitan-5e3991d5bca)

Secrets management with Kapitan (https://medium.com/@alessandro.demaria/secrets-management-with-kapitan-47a0476bab10)

Past events (3)

Kapitan Meetup (Zoom)

Online event

Kapitan Meetup #2

Synthace Limited

Inaugural drinks at the Harp

The Harp, Covent Garden

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