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Kung Fu Trial Class
Free taster class to try out traditional Kung Fu. Kung fu training is a great way to get fit, develop self defence skills and learn super cool weapons. This is an incredible system, with a lineage all the way back to the Shaolin Temple. We teach primarily the Hong Quan and Chang Quan schools, which includes bare hand forms (such as animal styles - tiger, snake etc) as well as weapons (such as the staff and the sabre). The term “Kung Fu” translates as “high achievement through hard work and discipline”. Real proficiency takes time and commitment. We look forward to taking you on this journey. Email [masked] for more info.

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We’re starting new beginner Kung Fu classes in Limehouse!

The term “Kung Fu” translates as “high achievement through hard work and discipline”. We train in traditional Chinese Martial arts, specifically Chang Quan and Hong Quan. You’ll learn bare hand forms including animal styles, as well as weapon forms. Kung Fu trains the whole body, and is great for people of all levels of fitness. Common concerns people have about starting Kung Fu is that they’re not fit enough or flexible enough or strong enough. Don’t let these worries stop you. Our training starts slowly and builds your fitness and ability. The system is flexible. We cater to different people’s needs. Just some of the many benefits of training in this system are: • Physical fitness and improved health

• Self defense
• Throwing and locking techniques
• Barehand techniques
• Weapon training (staff, sabre, straight sword etc)
• Developing confidence
• Developing discipline

Come try a FREE TRIAL class to see what the system is like, and if the training is for you!

If you enjoy the trial class and think this system is for you, there's a small joining fee and then it's £40 a month (which includes your insurance). That's about the same as a gym membership, and you get individual attention as well learning a fantastic new skill.

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