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“To accept another person's power or intention fully, we need tremendous depth and an incredibly strong centre that can hold and tolerate the energy of another without needing to take control or losing our balance." ~ Wendy Palmer

Leadership Embodiment is a set of practices that uses gentle physical movements with mindfulness techniques. Wendy Palmer is the founder of Leadership Embodiment in the US. The work ‘gives us a way to synchronize the energy of the body, speech and mind with emotions and intuition, thus increasing our capacity for somatic intelligence, discriminating wisdom and unconditional love.’ (from Wendy Palmer’s website). Beth is a certified Leadership Embodiment teacher and is one of a handful of people in the UK trained in this work.

Members of the Leadership Embodiment London Group are interested in:

• Gaining insights into your personal reactive patterns and limiting assumptions through accessing the wisdom of your body

• Finding a way to remain calm under pressure, to recover balance and clarity when faced with business/ life dilemmas

• Developing an increased capacity to live with the paradox and the tension between the opposites.

• Be clearering about our life purpose / intention and be able to put it into action.

• Understanding how to tap into the body’s natural intelligence.

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