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This is a group for people who are interested in spiritual growth regardless of any religious beliefs or lack of them. Open to anyone who would like to improve their life, health, relationships and material well-being. We will explore the subjects of karma, reincarnation, ancestors and existence of God as Light. We will offer Art of True Light, a spiritual art practiced by over a million of people around the globe. If you are open to experiencing God as Light - His love, wisdom and will, come and join our meetings of Light-workers. If you would like to experience the Art of True Light, please visit Sukyo Mahikari Centre located at 20 Suffolk Rd., London SE25 6EG. There are regular connections to Norwood Junction station between London Bridge, Victoria, and East Croydon. You may make appointments for your visit to the Centre by telephonic Reception on 0208 771 7417.

Everything in heaven and on earth is the voice of God. It overflows with divine principles. It is the rhythmic movement of the arrangements for all existence, which is emitted from God's great love. It is the breath of the divine essence of God, therefore, everything is breathing. Since God is great love, He contains great mercy and great strictness. Therefore, while He shows mercy to all, He has strictly set the laws of arrangements for heaven and earth, that is God's principles. If you wish to learn and practice divine principles in order to restore your divine nature as children of God and understand His Divine Plan, and by doing so build foundation for the appearance of the heavenly civilisation upon earth, join millions of Light workers radiating True Light. You can learn this ancient spiritual art, previously practiced by great souls like Buddha, Jesus and Sai Baba. This world needs many little Buddhas, Jesus' and Babas to accomplish God's will upon earth. Hence unity with God and humans can be completed. Eternal life and God's glory shall, for the first time, be granted to you. The glory of God will bless every place, and you can attain the life of joy and happiness. Isn't it what you truly seek? If so join other like minded souls by visiting dojos around the globe. And in doing so we can save this planet and help misguided humanity to awaken spiritually to the fundamental teachings on which work of Sukyo Mahikari rest: "The origin of the world is one, the origin of humanity is one, and the origin of all religions is one." Inspired by the Light, teachings and their experiences with True Light, members of Sukyo Mahikari find joy in learning how to develop love and harmony all around them - in their families, workplaces, and schools - for this is the first step to achieving true health, happiness and world peace. If you are interested in becoming one who works hand in hand with Creator God, if you wish to improve your health, harmony and prosperity, look for a dojo near you and receive Light: www.sukyomahikarieurope.org , www.sukyomahikari.org , www.sukyomahikari.org.au , www.sukyomahikariafrique.org , www.sukyomahikari.org.br .

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