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This is group is for people like you interested in Myers Briggs personality theory.

We do three things - social events, activities and 'learning'

SOCIAL: We meet once a month in Central London for discussion and friendly banter over drinks etc.

Meet others of your type, find out more about other types, or just chat with others about MBTI.

You should join this group if you are interested in Myers Brigg Type Indicator and are an INTJ, INTP, INFP, INFJ, ENFP, ENFJ, ENTP, ENTJ, ISTP, ISTJ, ISFP, ISFJ, ESFJ, ESTJ, ESFP, or ESTP.

New members of all types welcome!

Look forward to meeting you all soon :-)

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MBTI - 36 Questions - Creating intimacy

The Comedy Pub (near Piccadilly Circus)

36 probing questions to connect on a deeper level. What if we could find a way of connecting deeply even with people we thought we'd never get along with? What exactly is the recipe for intimacy, and can it spark between anyone, at any time? Let’s meet up and put to test the findings of Social Psychology researcher Arthur Aron in this innovative meetup. All you have to do is talk and listen. Come with an open mind and open heart - see what happens. Bring a partner, or pair with someone at the meetup, or ask to be paired with someone. ** The usual informal chit-chat meetup will be running at the same time in the same venue in case you prefer that. ** Want to know more?........of course you do....... "First impressions last" "You know if you like someone in the first 30 seconds" "Love at first sight" "Follow your gut instincts" We've all heard these things said and noticed how quickly we can decide whom we like and feel open to, whom we take an instant dislike to, and whom we don't really feel anything for whatsoever. It's great when we meet someone who implicitly 'gets us', is on the 'same wavelength', 'speaks our language' or ‘we have such a good energy'. With MBTI we notice patterns regarding which types we get on with best, most easily, not at all etc.. But what if we could find a way of connecting deeply even with people we thought we'd never get along with? What exactly is the recipe for intimacy, and can it spark between anyone, at any time? Social Psychology researcher Arthur Aron was interested in studying just that. During his research he compiled a list of just 36 questions designed to foster a sense of intimacy and closeness even between complete strangers, regardless of instincts, preconceptions and first impressions (read the article here:https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/open-gently/201310/36-questions-bring-you-closer-together). Could it be true that just asking and answering only 36 questions can create a deep connection between people? Even between an ENTP and an ISTJ? Are we really that different from each other, when it comes to the fundamental aspects of being human? And even if we are, is it possible that simply sharing our deepest concerns honestly and openly is what really matters in fostering intimacy, regardless of whether we might disagree or take complimentary stances on the topics discussed? Spend an afternoon with us. Let’s explore the 36 Questions in this innovative, facilitated, meetup format. If you’re a sceptic, it could be a chance to put this very bold hypothesis to the test and figure out for yourself what intimacy is all about; and for all of you who are just interested in sharing and getting to know others better (and ask them all the questions you’re itching to ask but deem somewhat inappropriate on first meetings) this meetup is the perfect opportunity to unleash your curiosity! Although as organisers we wouldn't dare put a damper on romances blooming in the midst of all the excitement, it is important to stress that this is NOT specifically a dating meetup. Our aim is simply to provide a space where authentic connections are allowed to form and our minds and hearts stirred by the inputs of all you lovely people. Anything else is beyond the scope of this meetup. Cost: suggested £3+ voluntary contribution towards the costs of running this meetup Venue: *Venue change * 8Jan2019 4pm* The Comedy Pub has very kindly agreed to let us use their upstairs room on the basis that we spend. :-) Food & Drinks available, including alcohol - please make purchases to support our hosts. The Comedy Pub, 7 Oxendon St, London SW1Y 4EE Look out for Meetup/MBTI posters on tabletops Expect venue change on the day - see here & comments for details Contact: Charlie[masked] - I'll check periodically.

MBTI - Let's talk (*Piccadilly*)

Costa Coffee

* Please check here for details in case of venue change on the day, upto the start time. * Lively debates, harmonious nattering, intuitive discussions. Freeform informal social gathering to meet others who have an interest in MBTI Personality Typology. No itinerary, schedule or fixed timeline. Arrive/leave as&when suits you. Stay as briefly/long as you like. Introduce yourself to someone or come find me. New and regulars are all very welcome. If there are any aspects of typology that you'd like to discuss in particular, how about leave some comments for people to consider the subjects in advance Cost: free; £3 voluntary contribution towards costs of running the group would be much appreciated Venue: Costa Coffee, on the corner of Piccadilly and Church Place. We usually sit in the downstairs seating area towards the back, in the sofa arc. Look out for meetup/mbti posters. I'll periodically check[masked]

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MBTI - Let's talk (*TCR*)

Pret A Manger

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