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This is a group for individuals and couples/lovers who would like to enhance their love making skills. The first and foremost factor in being a masterful lover is the Quality of your Touch. I ve seen miracle transformation happening with just a little learning in that area, that's why I'm passionate about this group, and it may improve your intimate relations to a degree you would not have thought possible. Of course, there are certain specific strokes and techniques - we ll come to those as well - however conscious touch is the prerequisite for all of these. It helps to be super clear on who the touch is for, that s why we start slowly, exploring inanimate objects, and then each other's hands, to really get the difference between touch for our own sake, and simply serving the other person for THEIR pleasure, for you to take these into the complexity and mutual pleasures of love making. We will be using Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent and her 3-Minute-Game as the theoretical Foundations of this.

London Master Lovers Experience will be a series of events, and our first lecture style event on April 20th is a great opportunity to get some feedback from you about details of scheduling and contents. It originally envisaged hands-on events for couples, lovers or friends, however a great number of people interested seem to be single, so I want to talk about how to adjust the more hands-on events - are you comfortable to work with people you do not know, or shall we do a demo workshop with life models?

All events are safely held, respectful, and with integrity and attention to boundaries.

This coming Wednesday night, April 20th, will be the first lecture style event on the Art of Touch, using Betty Martin's 'Taking' and 'Allowing' quadrants on her Wheel of Consent. We will be exploring inanimate objects, and each other's hands, only.

The next event after this will be a little more hands on, however no nudity, working with the Wheel of Consent in its entirety, including the quadrants of 'giving' and 'taking', and we will be playing Betty Martin's 3-Minute-Game, which allows you to express your touch desires, and work with effective boundaries. Exciting stuff!

Then we will schedule events to learn intimate touch techniques, however by then you will be assured that being a Master Lover is NOT about techniques alone...

Welcome! Enjoy!

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