What we're about

We're London Hackers interested in improving our abilities to make good use of Lisps and other programming languages or approaches that allow writing programs that write, modify or analyze programs. We have members using Common Lisp and Scheme, and at least one aiming to learn Shen, and at least one interested in compiler writing activities. You might also be coding in say Clojure, Rust, Julia, Elixir, or generate code via LLVM bindings or whatever else to achieve similar aims and find us an interesting group. Consistent with Lisp's tradition we've got a strong interest in interactive environments, yet automatic type analysis and its feasibility in such environments is something at least some of us want to explore as well.

On our meetups we alternate between learning and hacking evenings where we work individually or in groups on projects or educative examples, code dojo where one member codes in front of the others and everybody is helping along, and classical presentations if we get willing speakers.

Upcoming events

No upcoming events