First Monitoring Meetup

This is a past event

28 people went

Sohonet Ltd

5 Soho Street · London

How to find us

Look for the Sohonet logo, next to the UTL repair shop. Ring the bell to be let in, then come up the stairs on the right to the first floor.

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First London Monitoring meetup!

Come along for drinks and pizza from 6.30, the talks will begin at 7.00. Afterwards we will go for a drink at a nearby pub.


Sohonet Ltd, 5 Soho Street, W1D 3DG

Ring the bell to be let in, and come up the stairs to the first floor.


Matt Provost - SRE Manager at Yelp - Rewriting Ping as a video game

Video games are written as a main loop: process player input, update the state of the game, render a new frame to the screen, repeat. They do this 60 times a second, with millisecond timing. Most monitoring tools are also written as loops: send a probe, wait for the response, update a data store, sleep. Often this is done pretty slowly, maybe once a second! In video games if you can’t update fast enough, you skip the rendering step and the frame rate drops. With monitoring tools if your loop takes to long you also stop logging data as often, and instead of choppy gameplay you get gaps in your graphs, often when you need that data the most!

Let’s use ping as an example and see how we can rewrite its main loop to function more like a video game, keeping a high frame rate.

Johan van den Dorpe - Systems Engineer at Sohonet - Scaling graphite clusters

Graphite revolutionized monitoring and our expectations of monitoring tools. Scaling a cluster has always been a challenge, but in the past few years replacement components written in C and go have emerged from the community. I will discuss scaling graphite with go-carbon to squeeze as much performance as possible from a single server, as well as some of the new features in graphite 1.1

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