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You will need to register with SkillsMatter before attending. This is important! The schedule for this meetup is being firmed up. If you have any suggested talks, then please contact us with some info! Agenda 6:30 - Arrive, brief introductions. 6:40 - Demos/ Lightning talks 7:20 - Evolving Systems Design: From Unreliable rpc to Resilience with Linkerd 8:00(ish) - Finish. Evolving Systems Design: From Unreliable rpc to Resilience with Linkerd Edward Wilde Form3 delivers cloud-based connectivity, payment processing, clearing and settlement services to a wide range of regulated financial institutions. Every transaction in fintech represents real money from real people. Protecting the integrity of service communication here is key. In this talk, Edward describes how Form3 built a payments platform that is reliable, safe, and resilient. He starts by looking at a previous generation system that suffered from unreliable messaging and poor tail latencies. He then covers modern design techniques used to solve those legacy problems. This talk examines how Linkerd is used and deployed to protect financial transactions from failure and latency. Warning this talk contains live demonstrations! Edward Wilde is the Platform Architect at Form3, leading the development of a novel distributed payment system allowing connectivity, payment processing, clearing and settlement services for a wide range of regulated financial institutions, including leading banks and fintechs.

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The Architectural Monolith’s days are numbered. As companies are becoming more and more agile, and see how they can now adapt in order to innovate and compete faster than their competition, software development teams are being forced to maintain and evolve large, monolithic applications at a pace of change that those architectures were never meant to withstand, let alone embrace!

Microservices are a new approach to architecting applications. They are simple, single-purpose, lightweight architectural components that enable you to deliver software faster. The microservice architectural approach also aims to lead to software that thrives on change while at the same time being secure, performant, and stable.

This meet up is for people interested in architecting, designing, deploying and maintaining micro service based software architectures.

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