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The Architectural Monolith’s days are numbered. As companies are becoming more and more agile, and see how they can now adapt in order to innovate and compete faster than their competition, software development teams are being forced to maintain and evolve large, monolithic applications at a pace of change that those architectures were never meant to withstand, let alone embrace!

Microservices are a new approach to architecting applications. They are simple, single-purpose, lightweight architectural components that enable you to deliver software faster. The microservice architectural approach also aims to lead to software that thrives on change while at the same time being secure, performant, and stable.

This meet up is for people interested in architecting, designing, deploying and maintaining micro service based software architectures.

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London Microservices Meetup

River Island

Our sponsors: - River Island (https://www.riverisland.com) - Tecknuovo (https://www.tecknuovo.com) ---- Agenda: 6:30 pm: Arrive, food & drinks, networking 7:00 pm: Brief introductions 7:05 pm: From 0 to 100 - On prem Monolith to Distributed Function as a Service by Jack Liddiard (Resilient PLC) 7:45 pm: Quick 5-minute break 7:50 pm: TBC by William Perkins (River Island) 8:30 pm: Finish, networking ---- We're big supporters of Meetup Mates: https://meetup-mates.com. If you would like to attend this meetup but you feel overwhelmed by the idea of going and networking by yourself, Meetup Mates is a great way to connect with like-minded people to go to meetups with! ---- From 0 to 100 - On prem Monolith to Distributed Function as a Service Jack Liddiard, Resilient PLC Cloud native, distributed systems, function as a service and machine learning have become the norm around the office in recent years. With access to a variety of knowledge around micro-services in the cloud - the task has become almost instinctive. However few speak about the difficult journey from migrating an on premise monolith to a cloud native solution while sustaining full service. In this talk I'll explain how Resilient sustained 1.3 billion minutes a year, 240 million calls a year and 60% emergency service traffic routing through us without losing a single minute of call time. We will look at: - The practicalities of moving from on prem to cloud - Breaking out existing services to individual services and vertical teams - Placing new and legacy services into the cloud while sustaining full service - Monitoring and tracing in the cloud and on prem - Hooks into existing system - How the engineering team helped move a business from on prem to the cloud All to detect fraud in sub 200 milliseconds. Jack is a highly skilled, passionate senior software engineer specialising in Scala/Java. His core skills lie in distributed Scala/Java systems leveraging the bleeding edge of technology including Akka, Serverless & deep learning techniques to sustain and build a fraud detection at Resilient PLC. You can find Jack on Github: https://github.com/deadcore ---- TBC William Perkins, River Island Talk TBC.

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