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You will need to register with SkillsMatter before attending. This is important! Agenda: 6:30: Arrive, brief introductions 6:40: Identity Management and Single Sign-on - How Much Flexibility? 7:20: Monitoring Microservices with Prometheus 8:00: Finish, drinks and networking ---- Identity Management and Single Sign-on - How Much Flexibility? Ryan Dawson and Marcello Teodori What have you chosen for your IDM (Identity Management) layer? Maybe UAA for OAuth2 authentication? But might your microservices application also need to cover other security protocols such as SAML and Kerberos? Should we look to get it all in one Identity Management product? Can you get all that out of an IDM and without being tied to its specific quirks - what if you want to change IDM later? This is a session to share experiences from Activiti and projects at Alfresco Software. We'll focus on what we've achieved with Keycloak and what you can expect from it. Ryan Dawson is a core member of the Activiti team at Alfresco (, helping to drive forward the Activiti open source project. He has spent 10 years working in Java Development scene in London across a variety of industries. Marcello works in Java and front-end since more than 10 years, always in contact with opensource and communities, as coordinator for the Java User Group Milano from 2003 to 2010. Since moving to London, he’s been working for startups of any size and he’s now software architect in Alfresco for Alfresco Process Services, the enterprise BPM suite based on the open source Activiti BPM Engine. Key takeaways: - If you only need Oauth2 then you may not need all the features of keycloak/OKTA - Systems like keycloak offers a lot in handling multiple protocols and out of the box integrations. - Keycloak can also make the integration code in your apps quite simple and powerful but harder to then integrate with other Oauth2 servers ---- Monitoring Microservices with Prometheus Joachim Draeger How do you know your Microservice is doing what it is supposed to do? Don’t stay in the dark, add some metrics! In this talk I will give an overview on how Prometheus integrates with a microservices landscape. I’m also going to show you how you can easily add Prometheus metrics to your application and how to try it out locally in a Docker Compose stack. Jo is a Lead Software Engineer at Signal Media, a London based AI-driven company that extracts insights from the world’s news. He is currently developing full-stack in the Account Management Team. Coming from a Java background he now broke free and is writing microservices in Clojure and Python. Before moving up the stack to the product, Jo has tamed Signal’s Elasticsearch cluster and was involved in bootstrapping monitoring of Signal’s production systems with Prometheus in the Infrastructure Team. Key takeaways: - Why you should use metrics to understand the wellbeing of production services - Basics about Prometheus, a monitoring system that discovers services, scrapes and stores metrics and alerts you based on rules - How to add Prometheus metrics to an application and visualise it with - Grafana - How everything fits together, checkout the repo and run the Docker Compose stack

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The Architectural Monolith’s days are numbered. As companies are becoming more and more agile, and see how they can now adapt in order to innovate and compete faster than their competition, software development teams are being forced to maintain and evolve large, monolithic applications at a pace of change that those architectures were never meant to withstand, let alone embrace!

Microservices are a new approach to architecting applications. They are simple, single-purpose, lightweight architectural components that enable you to deliver software faster. The microservice architectural approach also aims to lead to software that thrives on change while at the same time being secure, performant, and stable.

This meet up is for people interested in architecting, designing, deploying and maintaining micro service based software architectures.

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