Separating Fact from Fiction: What do Microservices really look like?

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In this inaugural meet up of the microservices user group, Russ Miles is going to take deep dive into the world of Microservices, cutting through the theory to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of microservices using a real-world application as the backdrop for discussing the different techniques involved.

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Additional Announcement! We'll be raffling a ticket to µCon: The Microservices Conference ( at the meet up as well! Current list price for the ticket is £200 on an early-bird discount, but will be going up to £500 nearer the event so this is a pretty good raffle prize!

Additional, Additional Announcement! As well as the above talk by Russ Miles, Gawain Hammond will also give a talk on innovation in relation to his experiences at Sky:

"The origin of species: evolution and innovation"

In this talk, Gawain Hammond will explain why your toe cheese is more innovate than you, what can make you better at innovation, and how to help your organisation to reap the benefits.

We have a lot to learn from bacteria, they have survived for millions of years, far longer than your company. But what characteristics ensure success? And how can microservices help us emulate their success against all the odds?