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Microservices Meetup

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6:30: Arrive, brief introductions

6:40: Sustainable serverless workflows with Netlify Functions

7:20: Event sourcing, CQRS and event driven systems

8:00: Finish - Drinks and networking


Sustainable serverless workflows with Netlify Functions
Phil Hawksworth

Serverless or Functions as a Service is growing in popularity and can be liberating. But the configuration of AWS Lambda and friends can be fiddly. The experience of developing, deploying, iterating and versioning your Lambda functions can be painful.

This talk will show how Netlify Functions can provide productive workflows for building with AWS Lambda. We'll go from zero to API, including infinite immutable staging and production environments, in just a few minutes. All based on familiar development workflows and practices.

Phil is Head of Developer Relations at Netlify, the fastest growing automation and hosting platform for modern websites.

With a passion for browser technologies, and the empowering properties of the Web, he loves seeking out ingenuity and simplicity, especially in places where over-engineering is common.

Phil’s career in web development spans almost 20 years and includes time as a Software Engineer at Verisign, an Open Source Evangelist at British Telecom, and Technology Director at R/GA where he worked with clients around the world such as Nike, Google, Hyundai and Samsung to bring engaging and effective experiences to the widest audience possible.

Key takeaways:

  • An introduction to working with Netlify Functions
  • How to write an deploy AWS Lambdas with git-based workflow
  • How to create immutable versions of AWS Lambdas with one-click roll backs and version deploys
  • Combining Netlify features with events and triggers


Event sourcing, CQRS and event driven systems
Savvas Kleanthous

Event sourcing is a pattern for storing entities such that we lose no information by storing changes to our entities. There are a number of benefits in using event sourcing, but there are also some common pitfalls that a lot of developers face when trying to put it into practice.

This talk will be an introduction to Event Sourcing and will cover some patterns and practices that are common when using Event Sourcing. CQRS will also be covered in some detail and we'll see how CQRS both solves and at the same time is the underlying reason for a lot of the issues faced by developers developing Event Sourced solutions.

Savvas Kleanthous is the head of engineering at ParcelVision, but remains a software developer at heart. Savvas always had a big interest in high-throughput, low latency systems and is a passionate advocate of DDD and microservices, and he has experience designing, implementing and delivering systems using CQRS and ES. Savvas can be found on Twitter at @skleanthous

Key takeaways:

  • Learn what event sourcing is and how it works
  • How can ES and CQRS be used to solve actual business problems
  • Being able to evaluate use of event sourcing and/or CQRS
CodeNode, 10 South Pl, London EC2M 7EB · London
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