• April meeting

    Microsoft Reactor

    We are back! With two excellent speakers and a number of technologies this month: *Mark Gossa - How to provision Serverless infrastructure using Terraform and Azure Pipelines* There's a lot happening in the tech world at the moment and Serverless and DevOps are two of the big words out there. In this session, we'll do a brief explanation of Azure Durable Functions and then demonstrate how you can use Terraform with Azure Pipelines to provision a Serverless infrastructure and deploy a .NET Core app. We'll also take a look at how you can share reusable Terraform Modules across multiple teams using Azure DevOps. *Chris Gardner - Building Better Bricks: PowerShell Module design and development best practice* We’re all writing modules (probably) so let’s look at some of the ways we can make our modules better, both for people developing them and for people using them to create reusable tools we should be aiming to write functions and then package those up into modules for distribution. A major benefit of PowerShell is its flexibility in how you can solve a problem, packaging your modules can be one of these problems and it has many solutions. This talk will look at the main approaches that are used, common pitfalls, and some of the best practices that should be used to make developing the module as low effort as possible. We’ll also look at how we can make publishing the module easier, and ease the use for end users. We will also have food kindly offered by the Microsoft Reactor, please make sure to change your RSVP in case you cannot come to the event to prevent food waste.

  • Real world examples of Azure DevOps usage

    Microsoft Reactor

    We are going to meet in November once again for some real world example of Azure DevOps usage. This time around we will focus on how to exploit it for extensibility and integration scenarios. Utkarsh Shigihalli (Microsoft ALM Ranger) will present 'Tapping into a million developer ecosystem with Azure DevOps extensions' where he is going to walk us through how he developed his extensions and how to leverage on the Azure DevOps extensibility model to bring additional value to the end users. After that Tarun Arora (Microsoft MVP) will present "Using Azure to monitor business critical app's hosted on IaaS", showcasing his experience of integration between Azure DevOps, custom applications and third party services. See you there!

  • DevOps on the Microsoft Platform - where are we?

    Microsoft Reactor

    We are back after the Summer break, and we want to talk DevOps more than ever! Let’s take a look at the newly announced Azure DevOps! Matteo Emili and Tarun Arora (both Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies specialised in ALM and DevOps tools) will showcase tools and engineering practices using the five Azure DevOps services in real world scenarios.

  • Docker and AKS for the ASP.NET Developer

    SQS Group Limited

    Marco De Sanctis (Azure MVP) is going to show how to port a non trivial existing project to Docker and deploying to AKS. He will go through the integration with Visual Studio, an example of CI/CD pipeline and some monitoring through OMS. It is going to be end-to-end, starting from the basics and so that someone who doesn’t know anything about docker, k8s and containers can easily follow, going through the advanced details.

  • Infrastructure as Code in your CD pipelines from VMs to Containers

    Giulio Vian (Microsoft MVP and Visual Studio ALM Ranger) comes down from Ireland before speaking at DevOpsDays Copenhagen! He is going to cover the Journey of agile transformation in a non-IT company, bringing in Continuous Delivery, traditional infrastructure and modern cloud DevOps practices. In this talk, you will hear about the DevOps journey in his company (Glass, Lewis & Co.), from the initial brown-field all-manual state to the current partially automated situation and the strategic destination of a fully automated and monitored process. In an equilibrium between a high-level view and useful practical tips, he will touch on what informed their decisions, in terms of priorities and technologies, some lessons learned in setting up Infrastructure-as-Code using Terraform for Azure, and how the legacy constraints helped or hindered them on this journey. To speed up the registration at SkillsMatter please register on their website as well - https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/10834-infrastructure-as-code-in-your-cd-pipelines-from-vms-to-containers Don't worry if you can't or forgot, you can always do that on the day.

  • Continuous Delivery from the pros with Donovan Brown and Abel Wang

    We are back! And with a bang - the #LoECDA is in town! Donovan Brown and Abel Wang from the League will showcase the new and noteworthy additions to Azure, Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server 2018 that are enabling organizations to further evolve and streamline their DevOps processes and speed of deployment. Abel will demonstrate how easy it is to get started with a Continuous Delivery pipeline to deploy your applications into the cloud and then extend these further as your application and your team grow.

  • Visual Studio 2017, what's new for DevOps?

    SQS Group Limited

    Visual Studio 2017 just landed in RTM, Team Foundation Server 2017 got Update 1 - what's new for DevOps? VSTS is also updated every three weeks so it might be handy to have a refresher. If you have any question on it, this is the right time to get answers! Matteo Emili and Abid Quereshi are going to introduce what's new with demos and samples, and we will also have Jose Rady Allende (Program Manager for VSTS) to talk us through the new mobile experience with the service. See you there!

  • Application Insights – the new “Application Inspector”

    Regardless if you are in development or production, Application Insights delivers a set of services to provide in depth and actionable insight into your application. The services include global availability and performance, customer usage and deep internal diagnostic information. All of this information is then surfaced in easy to customize dashboards, the event data is categorized into discreet issue categories with the data you need being displayed. In the case of threshold violations, alerts can be sent via a sophisticated notification engine. This session is presented by Vlatko Ivanovski- ALM Manager at Avanade UK, Visual Studio ALM Ranger and Microsoft MVP (Visual Studio ALM). Bio: Over 16 years of IT experience in Development Area and obsessed with high-quality working software, continuous delivery and Agile. I am highly experienced IT Systems professional with proven management and technical skills and demonstrated the ability to build/lead/mentor teams of other IT technical personnel in different IT functions. Proven business analysis and business intelligence skills as well as the ability to see both the big picture and detailed view have constantly been a valuable asset in all situations. Large experience in planning, design and implementation of software solutions in the areas of e-Commerce, e-Business, e-Banking and e-Government, based on Microsoft technologies / systems. Continuously explore and implement practices to successfully manage the overall process of developing software solutions using the latest technologies and systems.

  • VSTS night

    SQS Group Limited

    We are back with a new event in July - VSTS night. There are going to be two sessions: • VSTS everywhere, with everything by Matteo Emili • Insights with Power BI by Abid Quereshi These are the speakers' bios: Matteo Emili Matteo Emili is a Visual Studio and Development Technologies MVP since 2010 and a Professional Scrum Master. Former Microsoft Student Partner (youngest ever in Italy and the first ever in being both MSP and MVP, in 2010 at the age of 19), he has a passion for Agile Methodologies, Processes and all the techie stuff around the code, which leads him to always searching for something new to share with the worldwide community around the Application Lifecycle Management field. He currently works for Dell Software UK as an Application Lifecycle Management and DevOps advisor. Abid Quereshi Abid Quereshi has been developing software for over 15 years. His experience ranges from real-time embedded to enterprise application development, in industries including telecom, healthcare, manufacturing and finance. His focus is to help build teams and to help organizations adopt Agile methods and enabling technologies. His consulting experiences have taken him from Canada, to the U.S., the Caribbean, mainland-Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He currently works as a Associate Director at SQS Group.