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What we're about

This group is for you if you would like to take a light-hearted, curious and non judgmental look at your own relationship with money and money on the planet.

We are hosting a series of workshops to explore an entirely different perspective on money, find greater self-awareness about what is driving your relationship with it, a suite of practical tools that you can implement immediately to rewire and change your relationship with money for the better, and for good.

These workshops really are for you if:
*You find you can't talk comfortably about money
*You know that your upbringing has negatively impacted how you think and feel about money.
* You want to develop a better relationship with money
* You would love to turn money into a friend, instead of a foe.
* You would love a lightness and ease with money.

If you would like to start totally rewiring your relationship with money, do join us!

Note, these are not workshops on financial management and contain no advice about financial investments.

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