LDNUG July 2016


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Robin Minto - "Security basics – key lessons from OWASP and your favourite infosec breaches"

Securing a web application is a challenge. The internet is awash with malicious traffic and, by their very nature, web applications are globally accessible. Although you probably can’t defend against a determined attacker, you can certainly keep script kiddies and bots at bay. Don’t make it easy for them and the baddies will move on and find someone else to annoy.
We’ll look at the risks facing web applications, the basic steps you can take so that you don’t make yourself a target and the things you should do to avoid becoming a data breach statistic. We’ll also look at lessons that can be learnt from mistakes that others have made.

Robin is a software developer and technical architect, working for a logistics company in the UK. Follow him on Twitter @robinem (https://twitter.com/robinem)

James Rowlands - "Uncovering the power of the graph"

In a world of ever increasing amounts of data, one of the challenging problems we have as developers is exploring the relationships between the pieces of data and uncovering patterns that help us build better and more useful applications. Graph databases are a way of storing data where the relationships between the data are also first class citizens allowing us to develop things like recommendation engines or determining impacts of network maintenance quickly and easily. The big players like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all use the graph and I will show you how you too can easily use the graph to make you applications better. This talk will be a whirlwind tour covering

• What is a graph?

• An overview of graph databases (and why they are awesome)

• Some demonstrations showing the power of graph databases to help solve complex problems easily.

James is a developer at Vista Entertainment Solutions working on software for the cinema industry. Previously he has worked for an advertising agency and in the cardboard box industry (more interesting that it sounds!). With an interest in all things tech, he has used everything from BASIC to the latest .Net Framework, and loves nothing more than learning something new. You can find him on Twitter @jrowlands (https://twitter.com/jrowlands) and online at kiwiwebdeveloper.com (http://kiwiwebdeveloper.com/)

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