LDNUG April 2019

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Join us at CodeNode for an evening of lightning talks from new & upcoming speakers, plus another new talk from Ian Cooper on 'Distributed Monolith to Microservices'.

Lightning Talks
First-time speakers, enthusiasts and open source project maintainers take to the stage to tell us what they're working on! Get in touch if you want to join them - we're always looking out for new speakers.

Everything you wanted to know about caching
Speaker: Anthony Dang
Abstract: Caching can be your best-friend or your worst best-friend. A poor cache implementation can mean the difference between experiencing blazing fast performance or unexplained random slowness, or both! It can even result in random stale (out of date) content which you can't explain. In this talk we will compare different caching methodologies, and their perceived real world uses. We will discuss Donut cache, Server cache, Redis, Varnish, CDNs, and many more. At the end of this talk you may be none the wiser about which caching methodology is best for your situation. However you will probably realise one thing... You have a caching bug in your code.

Bio: Anthony has worked in web development since 2007. He is active in the open source community (in particular Umbraco CMS), writes tech articles, and is a regular organiser & presenter at conferences and tech meetups. He lives and breathes automation and development processes, an Agile/Scrum/Kanban evangelist, and is a vocal proponent of BDD. As Head of Development at The Cogworks he was key in creating a high performing a production team spanning many locations. Originally from Sydney, Australia, he is now based in London

Please sign up here: https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/11750-ldnug-april-2019-anthony-dang-plus-lightning-talks