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This is a group for anyone who feels called to connect with nature spirits, specially with spirits of water, to give thanks and gratitude to rivers, lakes, streams, springs, ponds, all "watery" creatures, the rain and all other forms of water that sustains our body and life. This can help to create closer connections with nature and mother Earth, to open our heart and mind and enjoy the love that this creates in our lives. Let's meet like-minded individuals, enjoy each other's company while giving thanks for our lives in nature's cathedrals.

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Love and gratitude message to river Thames

Paul's Walk

Welcome to this opportunity to gather with other like-minded people to give blessings and thanks to river Thames, the majestic power that runs though the capital city of London.

As we come together to honour the mighty river Thames and spirit of water, we give our deep respect and ouf love to them. We can then also pray for help for ourselves, for other people, or places that we feel that need support.

I will chant and sing in honour of the river Thames and water spirits. If you have a song that you wish to give as your offering and connection to spirit, please let me know.

Please bring a flower that you wish to give to the river as an expression of your love and gratitude to river Thames and spirit of water.

I am looking forward to meeting you for this beautiful moment of gratitude and community.

With blessings and gratitude,


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Blessings to river Thames

Old Billingsgate

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