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Are you interested in joining a meetup group, where you can learn about Node-RED with others of different skills and experience levels?

Here is where I am thinking of starting, what do you think?

Installing Node-RED on a Raspberry Pi. Connecting to AWS IoT Core, and publishing data using MQTT messaging and a Broker in AWS. Expanding my learning by connecting a serially connected Sensor to a Raspberry Pi. Using ModBus as the serial signalling protocol, and RS485 at the electrical connectivity level.

I want to start a small Node-RED meetup group of people who want to learn together. I organize another meetup, that one is for AWS. I want to keep these two meetup groups separate.

A Node-RED meetup group which will help each other to learn how to use Node-RED.

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Node-RED initial setting up of a simple "flow"

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Node-RED beer and chat event?

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Connecting industrial sensors via Modbus, to AWS.

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