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We are very excited to our ODSC Europe next month! As we get closer to the conference, we want to invite you to participate in ODSC Europe's Online Warm-Up. To access this webinar, please register using the link below: We will features 4 speaker from our upcoming ODSC Europe conference in London each of which will present a 30 minute sessions including: Jeffrey Yau, PhD - Multivariate time series forecasting using statistical and machine learning models Muzahid Hussain - Debugging and visualizing Tensorflow programs with images Dr. Jan Freyberg - Interactive data visualisation in python Dr. Colin Gillespie - Getting to grips with the Tidyverse ® Full Agenda Detail Session 1 - Interactive data visualisation in python (30 Minutes) Speaker: Dr. Jan Freyberg Bio: Dr Jan Freyberg is a data scientist at ASI. He has worked on data science projects in the private and public sector. Jan completed a PhD and a fellowship studying brain activity, vision and consciousness in autism at the University of Cambridge and King’s College London Abstract: Creating interactive visualisations adds a layer of complexity to the data science workflow: during modelling and data exploration, interactivity is effectively achieved by re-running chunks of code with different parameters. In this overview, we will introduce the python libraries that make this extra development as frictionless as possible. Libraries to be used include ipywidgets, plotly, and plotly dash. Session 2 - Debugging and visualizing Tensorflow programs with images (30 Minutes) Speaker: Muzahid Hussain Bio: Muzahid is working as a Research Engineer in Dassault Systems 3d Excite, Germany. He is responsible for the applied Deep Learning research. His academics was focused on exploring Machine Learning domain Abstract: The frameworks for Deep Learning provides the critical blocks for designing , training and validating Deep Networks. When its comes to easy programming interface and debugging, it is still a pain due to its statistic graph's construction approach. We will introduce a simple deep learning based Image Session 3 - Getting to Grips with the Tidyverse ® (30 Minutes) Speaker: Dr. Colin Gillespie Bio: Dr. Colin Gillespie is Senior lecturer (Associate Professor) at Newcastle University, UK. His research interests are high performance statistical computing and Bayesian statistics and also regularly employed as a consultant. Abstract: This overview aims to give a gentle introduction to the ideas behind some of the standard algorithms used in predictive analytics. The goal is to dispel the "magic" around common methods, such as lasso, logistic regression, naive bayes and others. Session 4 - Multivariate time series forecasting using statistical and machine learning models (30 Minutes) Speaker: Jeffrey Yau, PhD Bio: Jeffrey is the Chief Data Scientist at AllianceBernstein, a global investment firm managing over $500 billions. Graduated with a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Pennsylvania. Abstract: This overview introduces the formulation Vector Autoregressive (VAR) Models, one of the most important class of multivariate time series statistical models, and neural network-based techniques, demonstrates how they are implemented in practice, and compares their advantages and disadvantages used in practice.

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