Data Hackathon - Explore the impact of AirBnB in London!


This month's topic: Explore the impact of AirBnb in London! 🏠

Work in teams to investigate the impact of AirBnb rentals on London neighbourhoods!

What will we be doing at this event?

This workshop is for people who want to develop and test their analysis skills in a hackathon-like setting. This is a relaxed, informal event where we bring together data enthusiasts who love to dive a bit deeper into how the world works.

We will explore some exciting data which we've prepared especially for the event. We'll work in teams (or individually) to extract the most interesting and significant insights about a specific theme. By the end of the session, you'll have built up an informative data story and had the opportunity to try out new tools and techniques.

You'll have the chance to share your findings on the night and hear what others have discovered. It's a great opportunity to meet fellow data enthusiasts, learn from each other and build your network.

Who is it for?

Join us if you enjoy exploring data and want to stretch your data analysis and visualisation skills!

Bring along your laptops as this will be an interactive session. You can perform your analysis in the tool or language of choice. We expect participants to have enough familiarity with your chosen approach that you or your team are able to work largely independently.

(If you are looking for an event which provides more guidance, check out one of our Data Storytelling Foundations events instead, e.g.:

Subject experts are always welcome, but you don't need to know anything about the topic in advance.

The host

We are being hosted by Count ( who will be providing food and drink throughout the evening to keep us going.