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Interested in open source databases?

This group is not committed to a specific technology. We love the open source model and open mindsets. We believe in integration of different technology. From each one we try to get the best. We want to choose the right tool for the right purpose.

From MySQL and MariaDB to PostgreSQL. From NoSQL to NewSQL.

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Let's Discuss the Future of London OS DB Meetup

Needs a location

NOTE: This is an online event. I've been running this meetup for one year. The first event was on 27th March 2019. I am really satisfied about the quality of the events we had, based on the numbers and the involvement of the audience. We had persons from some of the best companies working in the database space. As I anticipated, I am moving to Edinburgh because I couldn't trust Westminster less than I do. What we'll happen to London Open Source Database Meetup? Let's talk about it. If there is no interest, I will close it. That wouldn't be one of the worst effects of Brexit, after all. But it would still be a pity, wouldn't it? My hope is that someone else is willing to take over, and make the group live on. It could be a single person, but my preference is that it will be a team of persons. That would be a massive improvement for this meetup, because collectives produce better ideas than a single person. I'm NOT asking for any money. I'm doing this just because I want this group to live. But the new owners will be responsible for the payments to Meetup.com and organising the events (don't worry, talkers companies are usually willing to sponsor). We will discuss these matters on a video call, with Google Hangout. NOTE: the date & time are a tentative. If you are interested to join the discussion but the date/time doesn't work for you, please comment. If it works for you, please stay tuned anyway, as it may change.

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Meet MariaDB team!

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