Open Source Databases Meetup #3


Our second meetup has not taken place yet, but we are already working to prepare the third!


* How bug reports are handled by Oracle, Percona and MariaDB - Valerii Kravchuk, Principal Support Engineer at MariaDB
* Fun with Graph Databases - Ivan Zoratti, Director of Product Managment at Neo4j


How bug reports are handled by Oracle, Percona and MariaDB

The details of bugs processing procedures (both historical and current) in MySQL, Percona and MariaDB are presented. Bug tracking systems used by these vendors and hints for their efficient usage, life cycles of the bugs, good and bad bug reports - all these and more from somebody who monitored, managed, defined and followed that procedures, was trained by people who process your bugs, still work with them, and was a trainer for some of them.

Fun with Graph Databases

Are databases all about performance and maintenance costs are they also fun to work with?
Here is something to think about: how to have fun with graph databases.
Tonight I would like to talk about Neo4j the Graph database for connected data, from the perspective of a [too-many-decades] old relational DB aficionado.
Let’s see together what is a graph database, why it matters, what you can do with it and how you can have fun!