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London Open Source Databases Meetup
London Open Source Databases Meetup
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Innovation Warehouse

1 E Poultry Ave · London

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Innovation Warehouse 1 East Poultry Avenue London EC1A 9PT The venue is above Smithfield Market

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MariaDB, including MariaDB's dad, will be talking at London Open Source Database meetup!

This will be a nice opportunity to learn about some useful MariaDB features with Monty and Vicentiu; and to discuss the changes to the InnoDB storage engine, in current and future MariaDB versions.

The event is kindly sponsored by MariaDB Foundation.


* 18:00 - Arrival & Networking
* 18:30 - Intro by Federico Razzoli, Database consultant
* 18:40 - Let's compare MariaDB and MySQL Roles, by Vicențiu Ciorbaru
* 19:20 - Pizzas!
* 19:30 - InnoDB status& Roadmap in MariaDB, by Marko Mäkelä
* 20:00 - MariaDB S3 Storage Engine - Backup your data in the cloud, seamlessly, by Monty Widenius

Later we will move to a nearby pubs for a cheeky one.


* Monty Widenius, CTO @ MariaDB Corporation, Founder of MariaDB Foundation
* Marko Mäkelä, Lead Developer InnoDB @ MariaDB Corporation
* Vicențiu Ciorbaru, Software Developer, Team Lead @ MariaDB Foundation


> Let's compare MariaDB and MySQL Roles
Vicențiu Ciorbaru

MySQL 8.0 has introduced roles, a feature that was present since MariaDB 10.0. There are quite a number of differences between the two databases here. In this talk we will compare them and see how roles are useful for your application.

> InnoDB status& Roadmap in MariaDB
Marko Mäkelä

A summary of recent and ongoing work on improving the performance and manageability of the InnoDB storage engine in MariaDB Server 10.5 and beyond.

> MariaDB S3 Storage Engine - Backup your data in the cloud, seamlessly
Monty Widenius

Monty will talk about the new addition of S3 Storage Engine and how it seamlessly provides integration with AWS, just by inserting data into MariaDB Tables.

Monty will dive deep into the implementation details, explain the journey of how the S3 storage engine got created and even provide insights for other storage engine developers.