LOPUG Meetup on Thursday 2nd October, 6:30pm onwards

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48 people went

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Passionate about PaaS? Searching for superb speakers on the subject? Come along to our meetup!

For this event we've got 2 speakers:

• Luke Bond, Node.js Senior Consultant at YLD.io

Building a Docker PaaS with CoreOS, etcd and fleet

The advent of Docker has opened the door to new ways of deploying and hosting services, and the arrival of CoreOS and fleet gives us a nice abstraction to running containerised services on a cluster.

But we need a layer on top of this to manage our services, handle seamless deploys with a load-balancer and manage multiple clusters and environments. This is the Docker PaaS. Luke will be talking about his experiences in building a Docker PaaS at YLD.io and introducing it as a suite of tools available to developers.

• Luke Marsden, CTO & Founder at ClusterHQ, Hacker & Entrepreneur

Data focused Docker clustering

As Docker gains traction in the PaaS space one huge barrier to adoption of PaaS is the lack of support for stateful data services. Without support for stateful services, developers who try to encapsulate their entire application, including data services, in emerging application formats like fig will be disappointed by how PaaS platforms do not support deployment & management of the stateful parts, and will be forced to leave the data in traditional silos.

In this talk, Luke will explore one approach to data focused Docker clustering based on his experience, and talk about the work he's doing to apply this work to the Cloud Foundry ecosystem as well as Docker more generally.

The format will be similar to our previous meetups, making things as engaging and fun as possible, providing the opportunity to learn more about the technology that's making a difference at the same time as hearing from the people who are actually using the technology on real-world problems.

So if you're interested in hearing from people who are implementing, using and delivering PaaS today then we hope you can make it.

Hope to see you there,

The LOPUG team.

- Beer and pizza
- Good time will be had by all