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Creating a YouTube Empire
RSVP and register at Eventbrite underneath to confirm your place Have you ever wanted to create a successful YouTube channel but don't know how to? Has there ever been anything from stopping you from doing this? Have you ever wondered what sort of content to create? Have you questioned yourself on how to attract subscribers and attract traffic to your channel? The Power Step workshop series runs once a month and is designed for the independent performer in the performing arts world helping them to discover the power within them and to create and reach their creative potential. Each month we cover key skills and creative tools out there on a subject that will guide you and empower you on your journey to creative freedom. Creating a YouTube Empire is part of our Power Step Workshop series for the independent performer in which we cover 3 powerful steps that will lead and guide you on your path to your own creative potential in exploring what opportunities are out there, tools and strategies to use, and what you can create in your performance world. There are a lot of opportunities out there for the independent performer including your own work online. This is becoming a familiar thing now with web series and comedy sketches being created and using platforms such as YouTube for the perfect stage to create your own channel. Join us for this workshop as we are joined by Ross K Foad, creator of the comedy sketch series 'The Faction of Farce' and the long-running web series 'No Place like Holmes. And has a YouTube following of 1.9K. We will learn about the creation and content that he has done for his channel over the years and how he attracted his subscribers​. (This workshop is for actors and creative people who want to create their own channel) This session will include a special guest speaker as well as a Q&A session afterwards. Do register now to confirm your place This workshop is part of our ongoing Power Step Workshops. Please do RSVP and register on Eventbrite underneath to confirm your place. Simon & the LPA team

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What we're about


Are you ready to Express Yourself?.

LPA is a new exciting group part of LPA Academy that focuses on certain techniques such as mindfulness for performers, actors, and creative people. Giving the world of creative individuals in the arts freedom to live and to discover their full potential.

Some of our clients come from all sorts of performance life. And we collaborate with creative inventive entrepreneurs and people in the performance field to make innovative projects to bring the power to you and help people reach their full potential.

Our creative team has varied backgrounds in the performance world that they share by providing high-quality value that everyone will be inspired by.

The whole idea is we take people on a journey for them to discover their passion for what they truly want to create. Some will use it through acting by expressing themselves through that. Some use it for dance and movement. And some will use their gifts through storytelling, writing or directing. But most importantly of all, we bring out their true character and enable them to share it through an art form that they love. We love to empower people and help them discover their true potential in life.

We do classes, workshops, 1:1 coaching and mentoring, talks and networking events crammed with true value in helping you on your path. Whether you are starting out or are already established in the industry we are sure that we will have something for you here to give you that passion, faith, and belief to reach your potential out there in whatever you do.


LPA is designed for actors, creative individuals, improvisation artists, writers, dancers and just anybody out there in the industry who want to develop and evolve to connect with themselves and others. Performers always need the freedom to express themselves and their art form.

By using aspects of mindset in our craft and mindfulness we bring out our true passions as performers, making us feel empowered and confident and willing to express ourselves anywhere, anytime.

Our mission is to give the world of creative people freedom to live and to discover their full potential. We believe people will gain inspiration and be able to connect with that creative force that they were born to give to the world.


Express Yourself Group:

Fun and expressive classes. These are for performers and people who like to bring out their inner creativity through improvisation. If you are already a performer, or starting out and want to have a go at improv, or want to express yourself and get out of your comfort zone and learn the power of mindfulness through performance, then this is the place for you.

Each class will cover many different creative scenarios for a form of expression living purely for the joy of the moment.

Find out about all of the many other offers and workshops LPA offers.

People who have come to these classes: actors, improvisation artists, speakers and people who want to express themselves in general everyday life.

Power Steps Workshops: Based on 3 powerful steps

These workshops are for more advanced performers and creatives. They focus on different subjects using a 3 power step formula throughout the event. Many of these will include collaborations, guest speakers, and QAAs.

Workshops include- Reinvent Yourself, Going Solo, How To Network With Confidence, Role Playing In The Corporate World and many more.


LPA offers 1:1 Coaching and mentoring services

We offer some top 1:1 coaching and mentoring services to creative performers seeking to take their journey to that next level. This service is designed to create that breakthrough by using the right kind of mindset and empower you to build confidence, take risks and most importantly take action to express and build the life/career of your dreams.

We do many other events out there including school workshops for the arts in education.

Also do check out our mystery guest seminar we run where we have guest speakers come in to talk about their careers and will empower and inspire you all, together with a QAA afterward. This particular event like others will be full of content and good value.

One off day workshops is also run on weekends and holiday times throughout the year.


To Inspire, To Give, To Create

Giving the world of performers, creative people freedom to live and to discover their full potential.

Our aim is to empower people by connecting them, giving them the confidence to be as creative as possible and be the best versions of themselves on their life’s journey.

Whether you are starting out or are already established in the industry we are sure that we will have something for you here to give you that passion, faith, and belief to reach your full potential out there in whatever you do.


I'm Simon Gibbons I am the founder of LPA.

I am a professional actor and I have done a mixture of stage and film work.

Over the years I have got into mindset and self-development. I think it is important to continue to challenge and develop ourselves to constantly evolve in your career plus as a person.

It is my aim and mission to give back and pass on this knowledge to help empower people in their development to become the best versions of themselves.

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