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Founded in 1998, the London Perl Mongers has regular social, technical meetings and hackdays about the Perl programming language and related topics. The technical meetings are a chance to find out what has been going on in the Perl community, what techniques people are using and how Perl integrates with other software.

See our website (http://london.pm.org/) for more information about our activities.

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Tech Meet Up - An evening of 5 min lighting talks

Needs a location

Will get a venue shortly - but feedback from the tech talk last week was that an evening of Lighting talks (5 mins only) would be fun. They can be on anything and everything technical mostly Perl but open on that. Lets see how many we can get ! its always one of the most enjoyable parts of a conference so a stand alone should be a great event ! The Lighting Tsar that is Leon Brocard will be hosting and might be giving one also. Ideally a list of speakers in advance would be great, its only 5 mins so if you have never given a talk before now is the time or if you have given 1000's still happy to have you, lets make this an event where have the most individual speakers at a tech talk in history drop me a note if you want to give a 5 min talk LIST of Speakers - Lets try and get to 20 ! Mohammad Leon Leo Mike W Mathew Chubb Andrew Solomon Fergus McMenemie Aaron Crane

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London.pm April Social

The Miller

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