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I've purposely created The London Pet Photography learning group to share my knowledge as a pet photographer with you. I will be organising Meet Up Events for those interested in learning more about pet photography, and in these hard Covid-19 times, will be holding webinars online.

This group is open to anyone who has passion for pets and photography. Whether you are an amateur photographer, a semi or professional one, please feel free to join. I'll be holding different level events allowing me to cover from basic to advanced.

Do you have a professional camera? Join. Do you only have a phone? Join the same! I welcome anyone, as long as you have passion for pets and photography.

Some of the Meet Up Events and Webinars will be on a paid basis, but the price will be quite affordable to all, and considering what will be included, you will not be disappointed!

Things that will happen in the events:

• During the Meet Up Events we will have a full access to a studio so after some little theory and photography basics, we'll be able to put everything into practice and take wonderful pics of your pets. In every session I will be taking a picture of your pet as well, that you are free to select in the online event gallery, that will be uploaded and I'll send you a beautiful print. All this is included as well as coffee and tea.

• Outdoor Meet Up Events will be happening as well, specifically for dog photography. We will be going to a park, and practicing what you have learnt in the field.

In all of them, there will be a run through basic things, from tips on how to photograph your pet, on how to use your camera as well as an extensive Q&A section so you are sure to leave without any unanswered questions, and if that's not enough, you'll be able to contact me directly or have a chat, should any doubts ever persist.

Finally, if you would like to get to know me better before joining, find a few minutes and take a look at my website and works. You can find them here: w (http://www.alexclass.com)ww.pawscelebre.com.

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[ONLINE EVENT] ***** Photo Critique *****

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[ONLINE EVENT] ***** Photo Critique *****

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[ONLINE EVENT] ***** Photo Critique *****

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