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What we're about

Come and discuss contemporary ethical issues, and try and see both sides of the arguments (although you're welcome to pick a side...!). I started this so that people can enjoy the pleasure of discussing an issue, and get out of their echo chambers.

Each meeting will focus on a topic, and prior to the meeting I will upload some short articles addressing the issue from different angles. During the meeting we will have discussion cards to help the group think about certain topics.

Among many things we will discuss:

Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide
Pornography and commercial sex work
The market in human organs - should some things not be for sale?
Free speech and its limits
Our duty to the environment
Justice in healthcare - how can we allocate limited resources?
Abortion, the foetus, and the mother
Punishment and deservedness
Free will and its role in morality and justice
Affirmative action - equal opportunities vs equal outcomes
Killing in war - what should be permissible?
What would a 'fair' society look like?
How should we respect animal rights?
Human cloning
Disability and enhancement - in what ways is eugenics problematic?
How do human rights affect the way society works?
A philosophical view on immigration
Privacy in civil society - do we expect too much?
'I am offended'. What next?
What are the limits to civil discourse?

We're open to suggestions - let me know if there's a topic that you'd like to discuss and I'll add it to the list.

Meetings will be around the London Bridge area, very close to the station

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